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Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

At the intersection of quality and commitment … Presiding’s excellence begins!


As a leading global consulting firm, Presiding offers its clients a diverse and rich portfolio of business management services. Our team of professional practitioners and high caliber experts work in partnership with our clients to deliver contextualized high quality services that are in line with international best practices.

After a meticulous analysis of our clients’ pressing challenges and existing organizational gaps, we develop customized management solutions and  tailored plans for improvement that are well suited for the client’s business model and practical context.

Presiding considers each collaboration as an opportunity to establish a long lasting partnership where we leverage our resources and know how to serve the best interest of our clients.

Our management consulting services are diverse and applicable in various fields. In this arena, we offer the following services:


1. Human Resources Management

Human capital is considered among the most important assets of any company.

In constantly changing business environments, business disciplines and functions are becoming more interdependent. In such context, the viability and productivity of any sector is affected by the deficiency of any other section. Hence, HR now more than ever can play an integral and proactive role as a cross-functional discipline to guide and support the various departments to achieve optimal performance and increased profits.

We assist our clients to capitalize on their human resources and manage them properly in alignment with company’s goals through providing the following services:


  • Preparing organizational structures and job descriptions.
  • Preparing policies and procedures.
  • Designing staff performance evaluation system.
  • Designing “Authority Matrix”.
  • Designing recruitment and selection policies.
  • Designing standard human resources forms.
  • Designing appraisal system (employee reward and incentives system).
  • Customized and special tasks.


Organizational Restructuring

Presiding excels in providing organizational restructuring consulting to leading clients who wish to take their businesses to the next level in competitive and changing markets. Whether the client has changed priorities, expansion or new programs, needs to enhance organizational effectiveness or address budget reductions, our team can help!


We carefully analyze our client’s needs and offer customized solutions that would address the client’s unique needs.


2. Operational Optimization

Presiding assists its clients to reach their full potential, through optimizing their operations and ensuring world-class performance in each functional area. We creatively balance quality, costs and risks to design business processes that guarantee our clients’ effectiveness and efficiency. To achieve this, we collaborate with our clients in the following areas:

  • Developing business plans.
  • Process re-engineering and quality improvement.



3. Family and Owner-Managed Business Services

Our clients rely on our experts to assist them in the following areas:

  • Establishing proper workflow among family members.
  • Managing conflict while simultaneously managing a for-profit company.
  • Preserving or selling a business.
  • Determining the owner’s best exit-strategy.
  • Determining fairness for shareholders.


4. Strategy and Planning

Presiding assists its client in setting forth strategies and devising plans that enable them to have a clear direction for their business, facilitate decision making and allocating their resources properly to pursue this strategy effectively.

Our clients refer to us to provide them with trusted vehicles for setting priorities, making investment decisions and devising growth plans.

Our solutions are customized based on each client’s need as we escape from template tyranny to deliver contextualized solutions that would practically work for our clients. In this area we provide:

  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Business planning.
  • Strategic operational planning.

5. Branding and retail managment

Presiding provides its clients with trusted and relevant business insights that help them make well informed decisions. Ranging from insights regarding emerging and latest market opportunities to the latest consumer trends, we work diligently with our clients to develop and execute customized solutions that help them overcome today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. We provide our clients with:


  • New concept and format development.
  • Marketing strategies settings and implementation
  • Product/Brand marketing
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Retail management
  • Store portfolio optimization.
  • Omni-channel strategy.
  • Customer insights and segmentation.
  • Category management, pricing and promotions strategies.
  • Localization strategy.
  • Store operations excellence.
  • Sourcing strategy.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Integrated cost management.
  • M&A advice.
  • International and emerging markets growth.
  • Economic development.


6. Strategic Planning for the Public Sector & Governmental Bodies

Recently, many public sector institutions and governmental bodies have realized the importance of being responsive to their constantly changing environments and the challenges such changes bring about.

Presiding prides itself in the substantial experience and know how it has gained working with numerous public sector entities in the region. Our experts understand the differences between the public and private sectors and hence adapt the application of strategic planning and management methods when applying them to the public sector.

Our models are adapted to accommodate public sector constrains in terms of procedures and legal requirements among many other factors.