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Practical Senior Management Training Program

Practical Senior Management Training Program

1.Course overview:

Over time the world of the corporate senior manager has grown more complex. Competitive strategy has now become increasingly global in context. As well as this, cultural sensitivity and motivational management of people has become a vital component of day-to-day business activity. Above all, senior managers are now expected to be leaders, team builders, coaches, and an inspiration to their staff, in addition to being decision makers and risk takers.

In parallel with these developments, the business environment has become increasingly judgmental of the corporate manager. He / she is held to account for company growth, identification of strategic risk, weakness and opportunity, creativity and innovation, and the strength of communication, both internally, and with the company’s external customer base. Indeed, customers, customer satisfaction, and intelligent analysis of customer trends, have now become one of the central operational concerns of all modern businesses. The task of modern senior management is complex, challenging, and multi-faceted. Indeed, some management thinkers are even beginning to argue that the era of ‘the manager as superhero’ has arrived.

What resources should the manager turn to in the quest to build, maintain, and develop this ‘superhero’ status? This is at the core of this three-day program, focused specifically on the senior corporate manager. The course is designed to allow managers to absorb, in a concentrated manner, the key issues and principles which will help them build their capabilities and strengths. Each module will allow a significant time for analysis, self-assessment, and debate of the issues, both in group and individual activities.

This course is a practical course covers the most important management tools and techniques to be Exceptional Manager. During this course you will learn real examples and case studies in management field.

2. Course Objectives

• To understand leadership & vision in an entrepreneurial society     management-word-cloud-19209387

• To gain skills in leading your team for the future

• How to maximize performance and minimize conflict

• To consider strategic thinking and planning in a global context

• To understand planning and management of strategic change projects

• To learn how to gather information and use it productively

3. Who Should Attend?

Chief executives and other board members, corporate managers working in all disciplines, especially those in HR, those involved in financial planning, strategic planning, and those responsible for sales and marketing strategies.

Certificates :

This course is  accredited by Boston University.

At the end of this course participants will be certified by:download

  • Boston University, USA
  • Presiding Solutions


Available in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Erbil-(Iraq), Istanbul-Turkey, Amman-Jordan.

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