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Service Contracts Petroleum Licenses and Sharing Contracts

Course overview

Contracts are the basic structure of all business relationships, whether they are for the construction of a major new facility, or the supply of equipment, or any other relationship between two parties, the terms and the management of the contract itself are critical to the success of all companies. As such, contracts touch every aspect of business life, and it is important that all staff (whether directly involved in contract
management or not) understand how they operate, particularly in an international context.

This course aims at providing the participants with precise look to understand the Service Contracts and effective purchasing process with all
the strategic role of contract management, the contract negotiation, the contracting process, from tendering to award through planning and
management to close out and resolution of disputes.This course will covers three stages within the types of petroleum contracts and agreement, and the types of service contracts and petroleum license; and show the best way needed for technical studies of different kind of offers and how to evaluate all the received offers then how we can negotiating the contract; documenting that contract in a robust and
practical way; and managing the performance of the contract itself.

This training course will also provide the trainee with all the philosophy,evolution, and fundamentals of international petroleum contracts and they
will have opportunity to see how each of these actually works. Including studies of the agreement of production sharing in the way which includes
high technique of explanation and giving examples which rise the understanding  for the course outline and topics in order to achieve the
objectives of the course perfectly.

The classes include case studies from both national oil companies and foreign contractors, which adds further realism to the exercises. And how
to make and run contracts between Joint companies and rights and duties of each company, especially Petroleum Licenses Contracts and Sharing
Contracts, this training course is interactive, entails case study analysis and role-plays.

Course Objective

Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:-

  •  Understand all types of petroleum contracts and agreement with all the strategic role and techniques of discussions or negotiation skills in drafting,contracts and agreement of petroleum and performing an effective evaluation process.
  •  Review all types of service contracts and petroleum license.
  •  Documentation and provide tools and techniques to assist in such Contracts and license.
  •  Examine the drafting and modification of specific contract clauses using real examples and look at some of the differences in approach in different jurisdictions and the common themes that run through the sharing contracting.
  • Introduce negotiation theory and discuss the preparatory work for negotiation.
  • Conduct negotiation and discuss disputes, conflicts, opposition and negotiating of contract.
  • Adopt the most effective contracts negotiation strategy for a given situation and create an effective positive negotiation environment.
  • Emphasize the need to negotiate the contract before structuring the contract.
  •  Define all the Joint ventures agreements and contracting with all its drafting and modification of specific contract clauses using real examples
    and look at some of the differences in approach in different jurisdictions and the common themes that run through Joint ventures agreements and contracting.
  •  Terms of service petroleum contracts and agreements and how to design effective clause.
  • Identify the problem areas with major clauses as well as how to avoid them and employ the different approaches between different legal systems.
  •  Enhance and develop dealing with disputes and enforce awards.

    Number of days: 10 days training

Course Location: Jordan,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey.

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